Sage 50 (US) Configuration

Configuration of Sage Login

In order to allow the integration to successfully access Sage 50, you will need to configure User Permissions within sage for the integration user account. In order to create a new user for the integration navigate to Settings > Access Rights.

    1. Under Customer & Sales, the user must have Full Access to the "Maintenance" Tasks Area.

    2. Under Vendors & Purchases, the user must have Full Access to the "Maintenance" Tasks Area.

    3. Under Inventory & Services, the user must have Full Access to the "Maintenance" Tasks Area.

    4. Under Banking & General Ledger, the user must have Full Access to the "Maintenance" Tasks Area.    5. Under Company, the user must have Full Access to the "Import/Export" Task Area.

Read/Write access must be set for the user that the integration will use to connect to Sage 50 before you can successfully use the integration.

Configuration for Auto-Creation

One feature of the ConnectWise Manage - Sage 50 Integration Mobius Connect is that of auto-creating Customers and Vendors. This is commonly the case when trying to push over the invoice of a new Customer when submitting their first invoice, or of a new Vendor when submitting a new reimbursable expense or PO.

Information from Manage will be used to fill in much of the data for the Customers or Vendors in Sage 50 (e.g., Customer Name and Address). However, for both Customers and Vendors, Sage 50 requires that a default GL revenue account be provided for Customers, and a default GL expense account be provided for vendors.

Note that these default accounts are not actually used by the integration when determining the Revenue and Expense accounts to use on an Invoice or Item Receipt. That information is determined from your GL Setup Tables. The information is used only when you input an invoice into Sage 50 manually.  So, if you create an Invoice in Sage 50 using Mobius Connect, the revenue accounts used on various lines are determined from your GL Setup Table in Manage. However, if you create a new invoice from scratch, then the revenue accounts used on the various lines will default from the "GL Revenue Account" found on the Customer.

Therefore, if you haven't already, you will need to specify a Company-wide default GL Revenue Account. You can do this in the Maintain > Default Information > Customers menu.

Likewise, the Company-wide default GL Expense Account can be set at the Maintain > Default Information > Vendors menu option.

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