How do I configure ConnectWise Manage for the Mobius Connect integration for Dynamics 365?

ConnectWise Manage Configuration

Before using the integration application, you must ensure that Manage is configured to allow the integration program access to the accounting system.

Configuration of Manage Login

In order for the Member to be able to work with the accounting information, they must be assigned as a security role that allows access to the GL Interface. With a default installation, the “Role ID” field must be set to “Admin”.

If, instead, you wish to create your own role rather than use the Manage defaults, you need to ensure that the security role levels setting is set to ”All” for ”Add Level ”, ”Edit Level ”, ”Delete Level” and ”Inquire Level” on the ”Accounting Interface” line within the Finance Module, as depicted below:

Additionally, you need to ensure that that the security role levels setting is set to “All” for “Inquire Level” on the “API Reports” line within the System Module, as depicted below.

Configuration of Integrator Login

In addition to accessing the Manage Accounting System, the integration also requires credentials to access the REST API. There are two options for providing credentials to access the REST API: APIKey and MemberImpersonation

Option 1: APIKey Authentication

To setup APIKey Authentication in Manage, navigate to the “API Keys” tab on the member setup for accessing the Accounting System. Enter a description and click Save to generate a Public/Private key-pair. You may want to save the Private Key somewhere as it will not be visible again once you close the API Keys screen.

Option 2: MemberImpersonation Authentication

To setup MemberImpersonation Authentication in Manage, open the Integrator Login setup table by navigating to System > Setup Tables and searching for “Integrator Login”. Click to create a new Integrator Login. Provide a Username and Password, select “All records” for Access Level, and click to enable the “Member API”

Configuration of GL Accounts

Your company will need to have their GL Accounts properly configured in order for Manage to provide the integration application with the correct information. Because this process is largely specific to your Company, the exact details of this configuration are outside of the scope of this document. This article may help you start.  Please visit the ConnectWise University before beginning to set up your GL Accounts, or speak with your ConnectWise Consultant at for more information.

Configuration of the Accounting Package

Once your accounts are set up, you will need to set up the Accounting Package. This describes to Manage how your accounts will be exported to Dynamics NAV. It has a number of options, some of which are specific to other accounting software (such as QuickBooks). You can set up this screen at System > Setup Tables > Accounting Package using the following steps:

  1. Set the “Accounting Package Setup” dropdown to “Other.”

  2. In the Sales Tax Options section, ensure that “Include Sales Tax” is checked.

  3. If you will be transferring Expenses, ensure that “Transfer Expense as a Bill” is checked.

  4. In the Product Options section, ensure that “Inventory SOH Option” is checked.

  5. If you will be transferring Costing, ensure that “Include COGS Entries” is checked.

  6. In the Account Segments section, choose the maximum number of segments an account in your company will have. Ensure that each segment to be a part of your GL Account structure has a type of “Account.” (Please note that Classes may be used in certain circumstances.)

  7. In the COGS Segments section, choose the maximum number of segments a COGS account in your company will have. Ensure that each segment to be a part of your GL Account structure has a type of “Account.”

You'll notice there are a few other options in the Accounting Package that we have not explicitly mentioned, such as "Include Invoices," "Include Expenses" and "Include Procurement Items." Some of these fields only affect the default values of the Accounting Integration screen built into Manage. This integration does not use that screen; so, these options will have no effect on the integration. 

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