Split Invoice Payments

With Split Invoicing Enabled

This functionality only pertains to payments if the Split Invoicing Module is enabled. 

If you’ve imported receivable invoices that contain negative lines using the split invoice option, two invoices will be created in Sage 50 Accounts; a credit memo containing the negative lines, and an invoice containing the positive value lines. (See Receivable Invoices) When you receive payments in Sage 50 Accounts, you will have to apply the credit from the credit memo against the invoice it is connected to. Technically it doesn’t matter which invoice the credit memo is applied to in Sage, but the difference between these split invoices is the total amount of the invoice in Manage. Using invoice #460 as an example from the Receivable Invoices section, we have invoice #4600 for $1,150 and credit memo #4601 for $1,000. The total on Manage invoice #460 is $150. As far as the integration is concerned, to sync the total payment back to Manage requires receiving the total amount on invoice #4600 for $1,150. Applying the $1,000 from credit memo #4601 against invoice #4600 will bring the amount received to $150.

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