Validating a Batch

Although the integration program itself performs a number of validations (such as checking to make sure that an account specified on a transaction is an account in Sage 50 Canada), it is a good idea to check some of the data to ensure that things have worked reliably.


To verify invoices in Sage 50 Canada, navigate to Receivables > Bills > Find Bill:


To verify expenses in Sage 50 Canada, navigate to Payables > Invoices > Find Invoices:

Item Receipts

To verify item receipts in Sage 50 Canada, navigate to Inventory & Services > Inventory & Services > View Inventory & Services:

GL Entries

Sage 50 Canada has 2 Product Types:

  1. Inventory

  2. Service

These types are mapped to Manage Item Types as follows, and will apply the following transactions:

  1. Manage Inventory > Sage Inventory

    • Purchase (Item Receipt)

      • Accounts Payable     Credit

      • Inventory         Debit

    • Sale (AR Invoice)

      • *Inventory         Credit

      • *COGS             Debit

      • Revenue         Credit

      • Accounts Receivable      Debit

  2. Manage Non-Inventory, Service, Other Charge (or NULL/Unknown) > Sage Service

    • Purchase (Item Receipt)

      • Accounts Payable     Credit

      • COGS             Debit

    • Sale (AR Invoice)

      • Revenue         Credit

      • Accounts Receivable     Debit

*This transaction is handled by the accounting package directly, not the integration. 

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