ConnectWise Manage Configuration

Before using Tixt, you must ensure that Manage is configured to allow access to the Service, Company, and System modules through the REST API.

Configuration of a ConnectWise Manage Login

Go to System>Members and then Click API Members.

Click the Plus sign on the left side to setup a new member.

Fill out the information to start a Tixt member and be sure to give Admin access*.  We suggest that you name this Member ID -  "Tixt"

*Want to hook up Tixt with a Security Role with Limited Permissions? 

Click Save.  And you will find additional options on the top tabs.  Click API Keys:

Enter Description for the API Key as Tixt and save.  At this point Manage will give you a Public and Private Key.  That you will enter into Tixt.

You may want to save the Private Key somewhere as it will not be visible again once you close the API Keys screen.

Option 2: MemberImpersonation Authentication

To setup MemberImpersonation Authentication in Manage, open the Integrator Login setup table by navigating to System > Setup Tables and searching for “Integrator Login”. Click to create a new Integrator Login. Provide a Username and Password. Select “All records” for Access Level, and click to enable the “Member API”

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