System Requirements

In order to use the Mobius Connect for Dynamics SL Integration, you must have the following installed on your network and/or your machine(s):

  • Your Manage software must be setup up with login credentials that have access to the Accounting features of Manage. Additionally, your Manage software must have its Accounting Package configured. See ConnectWise Manage Configuration.

  • Dynamics SL software must be installed.

  • Your Dynamics SL software must be set up with login credentials that have access to write to the Dynamics SL system that will be used. SeeĀ Dynamics SL Configuration.

  • .NET 4.0 Framework or Higher must be installed on your system. If this is not installed, you will be prompted to automatically install it when you attempt to install the integration application.

  • Internet Access: While it is not required to have access to the internet every time you wish to run the integration, updates will automatically download as they become available. Therefore, an internet connection is recommended.

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