Logging in to Mobius Connect for the first time (Dynamics 365)

The first time you run the application, you will be prompted for both your Dynamics 365 and Manage credentials. They will be retained on the Login screen for your convenience when you run the application the next time.

  1. Enter the following Dynamics 365 information in the Login screen:     

  • OData URL: URL representing the root of the OData web service.

  • Company ID: This is the Dynamics 365 company database. 

  • Credential Type:

  • Username & Password:  If using Windows Authentication as the Credential Type, Username & Password are not required. If connecting to Dynamics 365, Username & Password are required. 

  1. Enter the following ConnectWise Manage information in the Login screen: 

  • Site: The domain name of the Manage site. For example, “connectwise.mycompany.com”. 

  • Company ID: Your company database ID as assigned by Manage

  • Auth Type: Select the method of Authentication setup in ConnectWise Manage Configuration

    • MemberImpersonation: If using MemberImpersonation AuthType, enter your Member, Integrator User, and Integrator Pass

    • APIKey: If using APIKey AuthType, enter your Public Key and Private Key

  1. Save Password: Check this box if you would like your Dynamics 365 and Manage passwords saved for the next time you run the application. 

  2. Click Login. 

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