Mapping Tax Codes (Acomba)

In order to allow for the proper calculation of tax in both Manage and Acomba, you need to map the Tax Code you have set up in Manage to the tax code you have set up in Acomba. Manage and Acomba allow for up to 5 levels to be defined for each Tax Code. Each Tax Level has a Tax Code Xref field that should match the Tax Code. To setup your tax in Manage, navigate to the System > Setup Tables > Tax Codes screen.

In Acomba you will first need to define Taxes (Agency Xref in Manage), and then map those Taxes to a Tax Group (Tax Code in Manage). To setup a new Tax, navigate to Input > Company > Taxes. For each Manage Tax Level create a new Tax.

Set the tax rate on the Tax Rate Tab. Note: Tax rates in Manage use a decimal value while tax rates in Acomba use percent values. In this example, .01 in Manage maps to 1% in Acomba. Tax rate in Acomba must be set in row 1.

After defining each Manage Tax Agency Xref in Acomba as a Tax, you are ready to create a Tax Group that your Manage Tax Code will map to. Navigate to Input > Company > Tax Groups to create a new Tax Group. Note: The Acomba Tax Group Number must match your Manage Tax Code. Select each tax created for this group in the Tax Number column, and use the dropdown to select the tax rate in the Tax Rate column.

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