Mapping Corresponding Data (Acomba)

There is data in Manage that will have corresponding data in Acomba. For example, when you create an invoice in Manage for the Company “Acme Inc.”, the integration program will need to create an Invoice in Acomba for the Customer “Acme Inc.”. In order to know against which Acomba Customer this invoice will be created, Manage needs some way to associate the “Acme Inc.” in Manage with the “Acme Inc.” in Acomba. This process of associating data is known as mapping.

The following sections will describe what data needs to be mapped. When an improper mapping is found, the integration program will fail before attempting to export any data, giving you the information needed to fix the mapping.




    GL Accounts

    Accounts Receivable

    Accounts Payable

    Tax Codes



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