The Main Screen of Mobius Connect (Acomba)

The following is a guide of the various parts of the Main Screen.

  1. File Menu: The file menu gives you the ability to exit the application, or logout and return to the login form.

  2. Run New Batch Tab: This tab allows you to select transactions and options needed to run a batch, which will export a list of transactions from Manage and import them into Acomba.

  3. Rerun Previous Batch: This tab allows you to select a batch that was previously run. This is useful for running a batch that successfully imported to Acomba, but for reasons (such as a backup restore on the Acomba system), needs to be run again.

  4. Update Invoice Payments: This will look for updated balances on Accounts Receivable invoices in Acomba and update the corresponding Manage invoice with the amount that has been paid.

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