How to rerun an existing batch (Acomba)

There might be a rare case where you have previously run a batch, and you wish to run that batch against your Acomba software again. For example, you might have run a batch successfully, only to have the Acomba software require to be restored from a backup, thus losing all of the changes. In this case, you’d want to rerun the batch.

One way to do this would be to use the Accounting Interface screen in Manage to delete the batch, but this means that you would have to carefully select the transactions again, which could be error-prone.

Another possibility is to click the “Rerun Existing Batch” tab in the integration program. In this tab you would type in the Batch ID, then click “Run” rerun the batch. The batch is then rerun against the Acomba database.

WARNING: While this can be useful, this feature can be used to duplicate transactions in the Acomba system. This could occur if the transactions created in the Acomba system as a result of the first run of the batch still exist in the Acomba system when the batch is rerun! Use caution when rerunning batches!

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