Additional Notes (Acomba)

Following are a few recommended settings to prevent Acomba from providing feedback to the integration that ultimately prevents certain actions from completing successfully. 

  1. Turn Off Automatic Advice In Acomba
    This prevents Acomba from trying to provide “useful” feedback to the integration. If this option is enabled and an action occurs which activates the “Automatic Advice”, the integration will NOT be able to successfully transfer the batch it is processing. To disable Automatic Advice, go to Setup > User Preferences > View > Uncheck Automatic Advice. Automatic Advice is user specific and must be disabled for the user account that the integration will be using to connect to Acomba.

  2. Allow Transactions In The Future
    In the event that you need to post invoices that are beyond your session date, you will need to enable “Allow Transactions In The Future”. To do so go to Setup > Settings > Company > System > Check Allow Transactions in the Future. This does not allow for posting transactions prior to your fiscal period. 

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