Mapping Projects (D-Tools)

Project Board

Before using the Integration, you must manually create a Project Board named “D-Tools Projects” in Manage. This is where the D-Tools Projects will be created during synchronization. To do so, navigate to Setup Tables and search for “Project Board” in the Table column. Click on “Project Board.”

Next, click on the Plus sign button to add a new active Project Board 

This new Project Board must be active and must be named “D-Tools Projects”. Any other settings on the board can be modified to your choosing. (Please note that the Location, Business Unit, and Signoff Template fields are required by Manage.)

Project Statuses

Once you’ve created the “D-Tools Projects” Project Board, you must also manually create Project Statuses within that Board. To do so, navigate to the Statuses tab of the “D-Tools Projects” Project Board. 

Click the plus sign to add a new active status.

This status can be called whatever you like, but the "New Record Default?" checkbox must be enabled. This is the status that will be used when synchronizing project tickets.

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