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Clicking the “Poll D-Tools” link in the Navigational Sidebar will initiate the synchronization process.

Synchronization Workflow

  1. See Clients and Contacts.

  2. See Products.

  3. See SI Projects as Manage Opportunities.

  4. See SI Projects as Manage Projects.

Synchronization Details

If any errors are encountered during any step, they will be displayed in the Message column of the relevant step. The synchronization process will first attempt to connect to both Manage and D-Tools.

Each Project exported from D-Tools SI will be imported in the following way:

  • Company and Contacts will be created within Manage if they do not already exist.

  • Products will then be added to the Product Catalog if they do not already exist within Manage.

  • A Sales Opportunity will be created in Manage to reflect the project and products will be added to it.

    • If the D-Tools SI Project is in a Progress that is not flagged as an Opportunity Progress in the Sync Configuration, the Opportunity will have its Status set to the Manage Opportunity Won Status.

    • The Sales Representative on the Opportunity will be determined based on the following rules:

      • if your version of D-Tools SI supports exporting Project Resources and the Project Owner Resource Name matches a Member in Manage, that member will be assigned as the Sales Representative.

      • Otherwise, the default Sales Representative defined in the Sync Configuration will be used.

    • Products on the Project in D-Tools SI will be added as Products on the Opportunity in Manage.

  • If the D-Tools SI Project is in a Progress that is not flagged as an Opportunity Status in the Sync Configuration, a Project will be created within Manage.

    • A Project Ticket will be created for each Location within the Project in D-Tools SI. Products will be added to these Project Tickets corresponding to the Location they belong to within the D-Tools SI Project.

If you leave the page open, it will refresh as the sync progresses and show the sync status of each individual mapping.

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