Required parameter Line is missing in the request


Error message in Mobius: Required parameter Line is missing in the request.


Check the logs. Specifically, look for GLTypeID. If GLTypeID is blank, like this: GLTypeID="" 

 that's the signal of the issue. If  GLTypeID= is not blank (does have a value) look for Line if that does not have a value that means it is a $0 invoice and will not batch over to QuickBooks Online and give the above error. 

$o Invoice:

The best action is to not batch $0.00 invoices over at all. To correct this In the Accounting Interface screen in Manage, go to Unposted Invoices, select the invoice'(s), and then do "Actions" and "Remove Records". It will then prompt you for a batch ID this number can be whatever you want it to be. QuickBooks Online will not let us create invoices without a line this is why $0 invoices have to be removed.

The image below show's the line field empty.



1. First confirm the

 Configuration of the Accounting Package as per

2. Ensure that “Inventory SOH Option” is checked.

3. If everything looks correct the request should be escalated to with task log.

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