Products are mapping to the wrong products

This issue could be stemmed from the integration creating or mapping to products that have since been renamed. This is causing it to map to the wrong product. After working with Heather we have a way to reset those products to allow them to link to the correct one.

To resolve this issue you will need to go to System > Setup Tables > Custom Fields. Then the Internal Notes for Product Setup screen. Drill into that and then drill into CatalogId. Once your there you can uncheck the "Read Only?" field and save it. This allows you to edit the field on your product and only needs to be done 1 time.

Once you have that unchecked you will need to re-log into ConnectWise and go to Procurement > Product Catalog > "Product name x" and in the Internal Notes section just delete the value in the CatalodId field and save it. Now if you run the integration again it will not map to that product any longer.

You will need to do that last section for any of your products that are mapping incorrectly. 

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