Additional OData mapping for 365

Certain Dynamics 365 extensions or configurations may prevent the integration from successfully importing data to certain OData Pages. You can update (or “Design”) Pages in Dynamics 365 manually through the Sandbox environment, and then publish them into your Production environment, or you can request a custom extension to fix identified out-of-the-box issues.

To manually Design changes to a Page, navigate to the desired Page in the Dynamics 365 sandbox environment, click the cog in the upper right, and click Design. In this example, we’re going to add “External Document No” to the General Ledger Entries Page.

When Design mode initializes, click More > Field

A sidebar will open to the right with all the available fields the Page can contain. Search for the field to be added, then click and drag the field onto the Page in the desired location.

After the field loads into the Page, click Stop designing. You will be required to publish the changes, providing values for Extension Name and PublisherBe sure to select the Download Code checkbox so that the published extension can be uploaded into your production environment. Click Save after inputting the required values to download the published extension.

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