Product being routed into the incorrect QuickBooks Online account

Issue: After updating General Ledger the product is still being routed to the old QuickBooks Online account.

Steps to resolve:

1. Ensure that you have re-closed the invoice following these steps: Change the status of the invoice to New > Click Save> Change the status back to Closed > Click Save.

2. Check the GL entries tab of the invoice in ConnectWise PSA. Does it show the old information or updated information?

3. QuickBooks maps to GL Accounts through products, so if this product is already present in QuickBooks when the batch is run with a different GL account, the integration will use the product as it exists mapping to a different GL Account.

In such cases you will need to delete the product and re-run the batch again then the product will be created and mapped to the correct new account. Another option is to update the product in QuickBooks manually to match the new account then the next sync will run without issues.

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