Expense batch is giving: No actions needed to be performed

The reason why this happens is that those are NonReimbursable expenses and you have Transfer Expenses as Bills in ConnectWise turned On. If this is enabled then we can't retrieve non-reimbursable expenses from Manage.
If you have both internal and reimbursable expenses, you should not select "Transfer Expense as Bill" in your setup table/Accounting Package in Manage.  When this option is not selected, you can send over all types of expenses and they will come over to QuickBooks Online as an expense.  From there, you can your reimbursable expenses by cutting a check in QuickBooks.
Steps to Resolve:

1. Turn OFF the "Expenses as Bill" setting in ConnectWise Manage. It' located under System > Setup Tables > Accounting Package > Uncheck Transfer Expense as Bills.

 2. Turn ON the "Enter Reimbursable Expenses a Bills" in Mobius.

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