Recommended Configuration Steps



Configuring Mobius may look like a daunting task. We have broken up the configuration into 4 manageable sections. ConnectWise PSA and QuickBooks Online Connections, Configure Mobius, Configure ConnectWise, and Configure QuickBooks Online. 



This is our recommended order of configuration. 


ConnectWise and QuickBooks Connections
     How do I configure Gozynta Mobius?
     Custom security role
     How to Create your API Member for Mobius
     Configuration of the Accounting Package
     ConnectWise PSA Configuration
     How to establish your connection between Mobius and ConnectWise PSA
     Configuration of QuickBooks Online Login
     How to Log into QuickBooks Online in Mobius

Configure Mobius
     Multi-Company Setup in Mobius
     QuickBooks Online Setup Options
     Gozynta Mobius Company Configuration
     Gozynta Mobius Sales Configuration
     Gozynta Mobius Purchases Configuration
     Gozynta Mobius Contacts Configuration
     Tax mappings
     Gozynta Mobius Multi-Currency
     Gozynta Mobius Category Configuration
     Gozynta Mobius Payment Sync Configuration
     AutoSync Module
     Email Invoices to Customers Within Mobius
     How to Configure Your Email Preferences for Invoice Emailing
     Enter Reimbursable Expenses as Bills feature
     How do I save my Gozynta Mobius configuration?
     How do I delete the Configuration in Gozynta Mobius?

Configure ConnectWise PSA
     How do I map corresponding data?
     How to set up a custom menu link to Mobius in ConnectWise PSA
  Setup Chart of Account Mappings
     GL Account Mapping
     GL Sub-accounts Mapping
     Setting up an Expense Offset Account
     Product Costing GL Accounts Mapping
  Setup Customers, Vendors, Members
     Customer Mapping
     Sub-customer/Job Mapping
     Vendor Mapping
     Member Mapping
  Setup Taxes, Currency, and Billing Terms
     Automated Sales Tax for QuickBooks Online Support
     Tax Setup for QuickBooks Online
     Currency Mapping
     Billing Term Mapping
  Setup Products and Inventory
     Service Item Source
     Product Mapping
     Product Category Mapping
     Product Item Type Mapping
  Setup Locations and Classes (Standard Plan Only)
     Location and Sub-location mapping
     Class & Sub-class Mapping
  Feature Specific Configuration
     Expense Sync Configuration

Configure QuickBooks Online
     How to invoice using QuickBooks payments?
     Turn on expense and item tracking by Customer

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