Before you begin setup, is your CW Accounting setup ready to go?

It is necessary for the person who is setting up the Mobius Connect integration to have a working understanding of how the GL Interace works in ConnectWise.  It is important that you understand the way in which the way the data is structured in ConnectWise impact the financial data that goes into QuickBooks Online.

It is important that you understand the GL Accounts Setup Tables in ConnectWise. You want to look at how detailed you want your financial data to be sent to QuickBooks Online and understanding these setup tables is the key to getting the data you want.  The General Ledger Accounts Matrix is a great tool that ConnectWise offers to help you learn more about GL Setup.(please note that Mobius Connect does not map numbered accounts so please stick to names.)

It is also important that your Accounting is set up correctly in ConnectWise.  Ensure that you have completed all of the following steps and it is part of your procedure.  Accounting Checklist. If you need assistance in setting up your chart of accounts, ConnectWise has a nice standard one to start with.

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