When running a batch, the error message “The name supplied already exists. Another Customer, Vendor, or Employee is already using this name. Please use a different name” occurs.

Intuit does not allow duplicate Display names across Customers, Vendors, and Employees within QuickBooks Online. In other words, the Display name must be unique across all Vendors, Customers, and Employees. In this case, the same exact name has been used across multiple entities. To resolve this, please create a unique name for each entity in Manage. 

Some circumstances where this error can occur:

  1. If there is a single entity, such as a Vendor, that is also a Customer or Employee, then please make an adjustment to one of the names in QuickBooks Online to differentiate between multiple entities. For example, if the Vendor is titled "ABC Solutions Incorporated", then the Customer name could be titled "ABC Solutions Inc."
  2. If a customer has been created by our integration, but then one of the name fields in Manage or QBO has been changed.  Review our Customer Mapping guide, and ensure that all four fields (Company and Account ID in CW, and Company and Display name as in QB) match.
  3. You have changed the "Append Account" setting in Mobius Connect (see Customer Mapping for the difference)

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