I got a batch with a warning! What does that mean?

Possible Warnings

In some cases, you may have a batch the produces a warning notice. This typically means that the batch was successful but Sage 50 provided some additional information that may be helpful. However, you will want to review the errors to ensure that all transactions were in fact successful.

Credit Limits

When Credit Limit Notification is set on a Customer, an invoice that is imported for that Customer will error only when the credit limit causes an error message, and give you a warning otherwise.

The Sage 50 Credit Limit Statuses and their descriptions are listed below:

  1. No Credit Limit: This status will not cause any additional warnings or errors when importing an invoice for a Customer.

  2. Notify Over Limit: When an invoice is imported for a Customer that results in the Customer going over their credit limit the invoice will import successfully. However, the screen will show a warning to the user.

  3. Always Notify: This status functions similar to "Notify Over Limit", except the warning will occur for every invoice, regardless of if the user went over their limit.

  1. Hold Over Limit: If the invoice to be imported would cause the user to go over their limit, then an error will be raised. The invoice will NOT be saved, and would remain in the queue to be imported at a later time.

  2. Always Hold: This Customer will always have their invoices raise an error when attempting to import. The invoices will NOT be saved, and would remain in the queue to be imported at a later time.

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