Refreshing GL entries after making a change to GL mappings

Sometimes even after making the change to GL entries, the batch is still failing and the error is still showing the outdated information.

This happens because transactions in ConnectWise PSA are set up to use the accounts as they existed at the time the transaction was closed. Therefore after making the change in GL setup table you will need to refresh GL entries for the transaction in which those GL entries were used.

Refreshing GL entries for invoices:

If the ConnectWise PSA GL Setup Table has 1100 set for Accounts Receivable account in the ConnectWise PSA GL Setup Table to 1200, the Invoice will STILL use the old status. Open the invoice,  save the change, then set it back to a "Closed" status, and save again. This will effectively "reset" the GL accounts against which the invoice is set.

This is important whenever making a change to your invoices.  It needs to be opened and save and closed again and save for the change to take place.

"Update GL Entries" Action for Expenses:

In ConnectWise navigate to Finance> Accounting interface > Unposted Expenses > Select the Expenses in question> Click at Actions> Update GL entries:

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