Known Issue: Expenses prematurely marked as batched (731)



Expenses are being marked as batched prematurely and are not batching to QuickBooks Online. We have identified theses expenses as being entered onto a ticket as either "Billable" or "No Charge" to the client. There have been a few instances where expenses are marked as "Do Not Bill" also being marked as batched. 

You will need to review the expense audit trail to determine if your expenses are affected.

In ConnectWise PSA navigate to Time & Expense > Expense Entry Search > Search for the expense that failed to batch 

NOTE: The audit trail is in a pod at the bottom of the expense.  

Normal behavior: Tier 1 has approved, then the expense entry was batched

Bug: The expense was marked as batched before approved. This expense failed to sync to QuickBooks Online.

Action required for affected expenses

You will need to unbatch the expense records affected by this bug and rebatch them to QuickBooks Online once approved. Please follow the following knowledge base article for detailed instructions on how to unbatch records: How do I unbatch an invoice, expense, or PO?



  1. Enable batching all unapproved expenses. This will allow all expenses to be batched and will not mark them as batched prematurely
  2. Disable AutoSync for Expense Batches. Perform manual batches for expenses after they have been approved.

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