How does CW/Mobius Connect/Sage handle part deliveries and why do POs that have been receive not pull through the received product in Sage?

Problem:  We receive the products in ConnectWise, Mobius creates the Purchase Order in Sage but does not put the Purchase Order on order or receive the products.  We have to manually go into Sage and do this process.

At this point, there is no suitable solution to this at this time.  This is a bit of a limitation on both Sage and ConnectWise. ConnectWise allows you to batch items on a PO as they are received, effectively creating duplicate "PO Number" transactions when batched. We've developed a workaround for other accounting integrations that creates a unique PO Number when processing a batched item receipt by appending the PO packing slip number to the PO Number (something like Packing Slip 1234 for PO 1337 would become 1337-1234). The issue with Sage 50 UK is it: 1) only supports numerical characters for that field (so we can't use a delimiter) and 2) only supports up to 7 numerical characters.  Without a delimiter, it would be challenging to map transactions between systems (not to mention introduce potentially unwanted conflicts). Also, a limit of 7 characters prevents us from being able to transfer a majority of item receipts with this workaround. One potential workaround I can suggest that would get the data moved for you would be to change the PO Number in ConnectWise before batching subsequently received items.  The only other solution is to batch item receipts after all items have been received. -

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