Automated Sales Tax for QuickBooks Online Support

If you have Automated Sales Tax enabled, Gozynta Mobius will copy the tax amount from the ConnectWise PSA invoice to the QuickBooks Online invoice. The tax amount will show up in the Sales Tax line on the invoice and will be recalculated by QuickBooks Online (so your tax calculations in QuickBooks Online need to be correct.)  QuickBooks Online will decide which tax agencies to map the taxes to.  Gozynta Mobius populates the "ShipTo" address on the invoice if that data is in ConnectWise PSA. QuickBooks Online uses the "ShipTo" address, or the "Location of Sale" address to figure out tax agencies.  We don't currently modify "Location of Sale."

Note that QuickBooks does not allow the transfer of taxes with Purchase Orders.  However, you can bypass this by enabling the taxes as line items module in Gozynta Mobius.  

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