Invoice Creation in QuickBooks Online - Best Practice



While all invoices should ultimately be created in ConnectWise PSA, there are times where invoices will be created in QuickBooks Online. The problem we often see clients face is the invoice numbers will duplicate causing invoices created in ConnectWise PSA to fail. 



Turn on Custom invoice numbers in QuickBooks Online

1. Click the COG Wheel in the top right corner

2. Click Account and Settings

3. Click Sales

4. Turn On Custom transaction numbers

5. Click Save

When you create an invoice in QuickBooks Online, Add a letter to the front of the system generated invoice number. Invoices generated in ConnectWise is be unaffected. 

NOTE: If you generate an invoice in QuickBooks with the next number (example 590) and you add a letter in front of it, (Example: Q-590) ConnectWise will still generate invoice 590. You will have 2 invoice with the number 590 (590 from ConnectWise and Q-590 from QuickBooks Online)

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