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When setting up your employees for expense reimbursement, it's important to setup their member profile in such a way that will not interfere with QuickBooks Payroll. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use the employee's middle initial on their profile. The end goal is to ensure the Employees First and Last name are unique so they will not conflict with other 


In ConnectWise PSA navigate to System > Members > Click on the first member

We want to ensure the employee name and ID will not conflict with QuickBooks Payroll.

  1. Use the employees middle initial in front of their last name and Update the Vendor ID to include the middle
  2. Add a "_V" to the Last name and the Vendor ID


We have set the employees first name as normal and set the last name to include the middle initial. The Vendor Number also includes the employee's middle initial. 

Alternative methods are to add "_V" to the last name and the vendor number

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