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Customers can be mapped in 1 of 2 ways. Our Customer Mapping Knowledge base article reviews both. Our recommended mapping is to map with Append Account Name enabled. While this may take a bit more time to configure, it can also solve a lot of problems in the future. This is especially useful if your Clients are also your Vendors and if you are using QuickBooks Online Payroll. Since each display name must be unique, without append account name enable, you may run into a problem with Member Mapping and Customer or Vendor mapping down the line. 

To avoid duplicating clients, It's recommended that you update your Customer and Vendor Mapping Prior to enabling Append Account Name

The Append Account Name option combines both the Company Name and the Account ID from ConnectWise PSA into the Display Name in QuickBooks. ConnectWise PSA will let you create two companies that both have the same Company Name, but Account ID must be unique. The image below explains how we map customers, vendors, and members using the Append Account Name option


ConnectWise Setup

In ConnectWise PSA, Navigate to Finance > Company Finance. Your Account ID will be appended to the Customer and the Vendor ID will be mapped to the Vendor. 

Naming Format
Company - Use the full Company Name
Account ID - Company_C
Vendor ID - Company_V

Next we go to our Customer in QuickBooks Online. The Company Name comes over as our Account ID (in this case BMT_C) and the Customer Display name Adds the Company name field in parenthesis. Example: Brendan Mobius Training (BMT_C)

Our Vendor's come over in a similar manner. You will notice below that our Vendor ID is now Appended in parenthesis. 

QuickBooks Online Setup 

The big question: I have a lot of clients already setup how do I prevent them from duplicating? The answer is to add your "Company Name" Field in QuickBooks Online to the Display name field in parenthesis. Our Recommendation is to update your Clients in QuickBooks Online prior to enabling this feature. If you enable it and the customers and/or vendors duplicate, you can simply change the name of the original Client/Vendor Profile to match the new Client/Vendor Profile created by Mobius to merge the 2 companies.

Customer Example:

ConnectWise Company: Brendan Mobius Training
ConnectWise Account ID: BMT_C
QuickBooks Online Company: BMT_C
QuickBooks Online Display Name As: Brendan Mobius Training (BMT_C)


Vendor Example:

ConnectWise Company: Brendan Mobius Training
ConnectWise Account ID: BMT_V
QuickBooks Online Company: BMT_V
QuickBooks Online Display Name As: Brendan Mobius Training (BMT_V)

Mobius Setup

1. Click your QuickBooks Company Name

2. Click Contacts

3. Click the checkbox to enable Append Account Name

4.. Click save

Pro Tip: Sync over one or two invoices to verify the Configuration of QuickBooks online before batching over all of the invoices. This will allow you to correct any mistakes or merge the 2 company files before syncing everything in one go. 

Should you need assistance or would like a second set of eyes, please reach out to our support team with a screenshot of the Company finance screen and a screenshot of either the Vendor Profile, Customer Profile, or both from QuickBooks Online

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