GL Account Mapping - Best Practice



Mapping your GL Accounts in ConnectWise PSA to your Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Online doesn't have to be complex. We often will see a business change their chart of accounts in QuickBooks and and cause syncing errors in their invoices. 


Best Practices

  • Map by account number 
    • This is easier to map and will not affect your integration if you change the name of the account
    • We give you the option to map your chart of accounts either by name or by account number. We recommend mapping by account number for a few reasons. You can change the name of the account without affecting the integration and it's much simpler to map your subaccounts.
  • Map your products by Category or Subcategory 
    • This allows granularity in reporting and is very important specifically when dealing with inventory. 
    • For mapping purposes categories and subcategories allows granularity in reporting for agreements or products resale
    • Be sure to double check all categories or subcategories have been mapped to avoid errors in the future.
  • Avoid using a catchall mapping at the My Company Level 
    • While this will ensure all invoices are batched successfully, this can be hard to unravel in your financial statements.
    • By not mapping a general, catchall mapping, you will get an error when something is not intentionally mapped, calling action to what needs to be fixed. 
  • Create a process to update the GL Account  mapping for new product categories and subcategories. 
    • Having a process in place to update GL Account mappings when new categories and subcategories are created will ensure your invoices and purchase orders are successfully able to sync without a delay.
  • Map your COGS accounts for products 
  • Review our GL Account Mapping article
    • Be sure to review all GL Mapping categories mention in our GL Account Mapping Knowledge base
    • Verify that all applicable mappings have been mapped. 


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