Product Mapping

NOTE :  We made a slight change to the Product mapping. In the past, we created the Product ID as "Service-(account name)" Now we're using the Product ID on the GL Mapping, or we will default to "Down Payment" as the product ID if none is specified.

Product Mapping:

The “Product ID” field on the Procurement > Product Catalog list in Manage will map to the “Name” field on the Company > Lists > All List > Products and Services screen in QuickBooks Online. If a Product in Manage does not exist in QuickBooks Online, it will be created automatically by Gozynta Mobius. Please note that QuickBooks Online does not support serialization of products; so, any serialized products in Manage will be created in QuickBooks Online as non-serialized.

When setting up your GL mappings, it’s important to follow these guidelines:


  • The same product must always map to the same GL Account.  
  • If you don’t do this then you will have invoice lines that go to a different GL account than what’s mapped in Manage. 
  •  Use Product Category/Product Subcategory OR Individual Product as your Mapped Types for ALL products.


  • If your “Service Item Source” setting in Gozynta Mobius  is set to “Service-[GL Account]” or “[GL Account]” then service lines can safely use any GL mapping that you want.

  • If your “Service Item Source” setting in Gozynta Mobius is set to any of the Work Role/Work Type settings, then you must set up your GL mappings by the same combination of Work Role/Work Type.


  • QuickBooks Online and ConnectWise Manage have different ideas about the relationship between Items and GL Accounts.
  • Manage doesn’t relate the two at all.  An item (let’s use “Patch Cable” as an example) can have a different GL Account on every invoice, depending on how you set up your invoices.


Invoice 1: Patch Cable - Managed Services:Parts

Invoice 2: Patch Cable - Break Fix:Parts

NOTE: QuickBooks Online assumes that once you’ve created an item, that item will ALWAYS go to the same GL account.  (the Income account in the Product/Service information screen).

This is very important to understand and keep in mind when setting up your GL mappings in Manage.

When we batch over an invoice to QuickBooks, we get the Item and GL Account that Manage has defined for the invoice we’re working on.  If the Item doesn’t exist, then we create it using the GL Account that’s on that invoice.  However, if the item already exists, then we just add it to the invoice.  So, if we go back to our first example, you’ll get this:

CW Manage

Invoice 1: Patch Cable - Managed Services:Parts

Invoice 2: Patch Cable - Break Fix:Parts

QuickBooks Online

Invoice 1: Patch Cable - Managed Services:Parts

Invoice 2: Patch Cable - Managed Services:Parts

For service lines Manage doesn’t provide us an Item at all, but QuickBooks still requires the Item field to be used (unlike many other accounting systems QuickBooks invoices never map directly to a GL account).  So we use the Service Item Source setting to determine what to use for the item name.  We recommend setting this to one of the settings that includes [GL Account].  This will ensure that your service invoice lines always go to the GL account you expect.  We offer the Work Role/Work Type options for companies that have decided that they don’t want the GL Account name visible on their QuickBooks invoices.  Those settings are reasonable to use only when your doing your GL mapping using those same fields.

Product Bundles

  • Product Bundles will map to your QuickBooks Online Chart of accounts at the Bundle level
  • Only 1 Account will be mapped to the entire bundle

Example: The following bundle includes both software and hardware

  • You will notice the COGS and Inventory Asset took into consideration both the software and hardware price. 
  • The individual line items while mapped to the correct account is brought over with a $0 amount. This is due to the way ConnectWise handles their bundled products.

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