Expense Sync Configuration



We will want to confirm a few settings in ConnectWise PSA prior to completing your first expense sync.


  1. Configure your Employees - Member Mapping
    1. Verify Each Member has a Vendor Number
  2. Verify your Accounting Package Setup - Configuration of the Accounting Package
    1. Verify Transfer Expenses as Bill is disabled (not to worry, we will configure this in Mobius)
  3. Verify your GL Account setup table in ConnectWise PSA has your Expense Offset Accounts setup - Setting up an Expense Offset Account
    1. Verify your your GL Account setup tables include
      1. Expense Offset - Records non-reimbursable expenses logged in your instance of Manage. It's usually linked to a Credit Card or Other Current Liability account in your accounting package and used when expenses are not paid by the employee.
      2. Expense Internal - Records expenses entered against your company and should be attached to an Expense account in your accounting package. The internal company is on the My Company screen > Owner tab > Time, Expense, and Billing Setup Options section.

3. Expense External - Records expenses entered against companies that are separate from your internal company. It should be attached to an Expense account in your accounting package.

4. Revenue-Expenses - Records all revenue generated from expenses to a client that is not covered by an agreement. It should be attached to an Income account in your accounting package.

5. Expense Tax: **For use by UK and Canadian partners** Records the tax amount associated with expenses paid by employees. It should be attached to a Sales Tax Payable account in your accounting package.

  1. Verify invoicing defaults for Service Tickets and Projects
    1. Navigate to  System > Setup Tables > Billing
    2. You will need to decide whether you want to bill unapproved time and expense records. 
      1. Note: This is an all or nothing setting. Enabling this setting will transfer all unapproved billable expenses
      2. Note: If you require expense reports to be approved prior to reimbursing your employees, this will be an important consideration as all unapproved billable expenses will be batched over to QuickBooks Online regardless of approval status if this is enabled
  2. In Mobius Navigate to Your Company Name > Purchases > Sync Unapproved Expenses
    1. By default, unposted, unapproved expenses in ConnectWise Manage will not be batched into QuickBooks Online. Enable this option if you allow billing unapproved expense records in Manage, and also want unapproved expenses to batch into QuickBooks Online.


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