Account Manager / Sales Associate Transfer to QuickBooks Online



Mobius currently does not support transferring Sales Associates or Account Managers over to QuickBooks Online. Currently there is a work around should you require this information.

This is not our recommended setup for either QuickBooks Online nor ConnectWise PSA. 


Configure ConnectWise PSA

Setup your Invoice Template in ConnectWise PSA

System > Setup Tables > Invoice Templates 

  1. Scroll down to Customize and enable "Display Tax ID"
  2. Type in the data that will be used (This will either be Account Manager or Sales Associate). This is fully customizable.

Example invoice:

Setup Account Manager In the Company Finance Screen

Navigate to Finance > Company Finance > Company Name 

  1. Enter the Account Manager in the Tax ID Field under the Finance Detail Pod. 

Setup your company structure in ConnectWise PSA

  1. Navigate to System > My Company > Owner Tab
  2. Set the number of Levels with the last level being Named Account Manager
  3. Click the Structure Tab at the top of the screen
  4. Build out your Sales Territory's with the Account Managers Names

Configure QuickBooks Online

Enable Track Locations in QuickBooks Online

In QuickBooks Online Navigate to Gear Icon > Account and Settings > Advanced > Categories > Enable Track Locations

Configure your Locations

  1. In QuickBooks Online Navigate to Gear icon > All Lists > Locations
  2. Add all Account Managers to this list

Configure Mobius

  1. Please review our Location and Sub-location mapping Knowledge base article for detailed information on how to map Locations and Sub Locations.
  2. Enable Locations 
    1. Click your QuickBooks Company Name
    2. Click the Categories Tab
    3. Enable Use Locations
    4. Set your Location source to Territory
      1. Territory: AR Invoice "Territory" will be used to map to QuickBooks Online locations.

        Please note that Territory only applies to AR Invoices. Locations will not be applied to QuickBooks Online AP Invoices if using Territory as Location Source

    5. Optional: Enable create location
      1. If enabled, ConnectWise transaction header GL Account Classes will automatically be created if they do not already exist.

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