The connection to QuickBooks Online is no longer active.


This error might occur because you manually disconnected your QuickBooks Online account, or the connection has expired. As a security best practice, Intuit requires reconnecting QuickBooks Online after 180 days, which unfortunately causes all such connections to "expire" after 180 days (approximately six months). In order to continue using Gozynta Mobius, you will need to make sure that the connection is reconnected at this time under the corresponding Configuration under Setup QuickBooks Online. (Don't worry; we will warn you a month in advance when the connection is about to expire so that you can proactively reconnect.)

To reconnect QuickBooks Online

1. Click Setup QuickBooks Online
2. Click your company Name
3. Click Connect to QuickBooks
4. Enter your Username
5. Enter your Password
6. Click Sign in
7. Click Connect

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