How do I prevent specific invoices/expenses/POs from being batched? How do I clear old transactions in ConnectWise PSA?

Clearing Transactions

If you currently have transactions in ConnectWise PSA that you don't want to send to QuickBooks for whatever reason (perhaps you've already manually created them in QuickBooks or a different accounting system?) you can mark them as batched in ConnectWise PSA so Mobius will ignore them.

Note: even though these instructions talk about "Removing" records, no data is actually removed from ConnectWise PSA.  This process removes those records from the accounting interface, but does not remove any of the information from ConnectWise PSA.  This is also a reversible process if you find that you did it by mistake.

In ConnectWise PSA:

  • Navigate to Finance > Accounting Interface.
  • Go to the Unposted tab for the kind of record you want to remove (Ex: Unposted Invoices)
  • Select the transactions, then click “Actions” > “Remove Records”.
  • You will receive a pop up to confirm this action. Please enter a Batch Number and click “Save”.
  • The Remove Records process creates an accounting batch in ConnectWise PSA. Choose a Batch Number to identify this batch if you need to find it again later. If you don't know what to put here, then I recommend RR-<date> (Ex: 'RR-2020-12-29').
  • If you later need to un-remove records you can do it from the Batches tab by using Actions...Delete Batches

Troubleshooting Duplicate Transactions

INVOICE # cannot be created because there already exists an invoice with the document number of "#" in QuickBooks Online.

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