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Customer Support

For Gozynta Mobius, Gozynta provides direct support for setup and any issues you may have with the integration.  You can contact us directly at or through the integrated message submission form from the navigational sidebar under Contact Support.

For Mobius Connect Legacy customers,  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our consulting team at or

There is also an integrated message submission form accessible from the navigational sidebar under Contact Support. You can use this form to easily submit support requests to ConnectWise. If the support request is related to an issue while batching transactions, you can select to attach the log for the batch in question by selecting the “Send Batch Log?” checkbox, selecting the QuickBooks Online configuration the batch was made against, and finally selecting the BatchID. provide a Subject and Message and click Submit to send the Support Request.

Please note that these requests go directly to ConnectWise as part of your support agreement with them; these requests do not go to Gozynta.

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