How do I create an Invoice Batch?

Create Invoice Batch

To begin the creation of an Invoice Batch, click on “Run New Batch” located on the side navigation menu. This will expand and offer a selection of Batches to create. Select “Create Invoice Batch”. 

This will bring you to the “Select Invoices” screen.

1. To begin click on "Run New Batch"

2. This will expand and let you select which batch you wish to run. For invoices select "Create Invoice Batch" 

3. QuickBooks Company: Select the QuickBooks Online company to transfer into. Gozynta Mobius will set your Default QuickBooks Online configuration when this page loads.  (Free version and Lite version only support a single company)

4. Changing the QuickBooks Online Company will update ConnectWise PSA Location and Invoice Summary with the selected QuickBooks Online configuration default values.

5.  ConnectWise PSA Location: Filter unposted transactions by ConnectWise PSA Billing Location (Only Standard supports Locations)

Invoice Summary: This option sets the level of detail for invoice line descriptions.

Please note: Some configuration options require the Detailed Summary option and in some cases, the integration will export using the Detailed Option even if it is not selected. (Free version only has basic invoice details)

6. Transactions: Select the transactions to transfer in the Batch. 

7. Actions: Here, you can Select, Deselect, Refresh, and Submit transactions.

Once the Invoice Batch has been submitted, you will be brought to the “Batch Status” screen. Here you can review the Invoice Batch to ensure that it is transferred correctly. 

Depending on batch size and loading times, you may notice that in the “Status” section it states “This batch is still running. Please refresh your browser to retrieve updated info.” If this is the case, then you will notice that some of the “Status” fields for various sections in your Batch will appear as “Not Yet Started”. If you refresh the page the status should update; however, if some of the “Status” fields still shown as “Not Yet Started” you will need to refresh the page again. If the transfer was successful, the status for all remaining sections should change to “Completed Successfully”. 

The last step is to ensure that none of the sections failed to make it through the transfer. If errors were found while attempting the transfer from ConnectWise PSA to QuickBooks Online, the status will be shown as “Failed” and will provide a brief message as to why the Action did not succeed.

If any Actions appear to have failed then the issue causing the failure must be resolved, and the batch must be run again. If the error persists, or you need assistance resolving the issue please see Customer Support.

Please note the following:

  1. Handling of invoices without any lines. Quick Books Online doesn't allow invoices with no lines, and they are always $0 invoices. Instead of presenting them as an error to the user (requiring the user to manually remove them in ConnectWise PSA if they don't want to see an error every run), we automatically mark them as batched and explain to the user in the task log "Invoice has no lines - not sent to QuickBooks".

  2. Gozynta Mobius uses  the Product ID in the GL Mapping for Deferred Revenue lines (IE: Down Payments). If no Product ID is specified then we'll default to "Down Payment".

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