Can I see what GL Accounts are on my Invoice?

Why yes you can!!

Note: You can only see the GL Entries tab on a Closed Invoice.

Go to the invoice that you would like to check in Manage.  You will see there is a tab that says GL Entries on the top.

If you click this, it will show you which accounts that the invoice will post to when it is brought through Gozynta Mobius and goes to your accounting package.

Note that transactions in Manage are set up to use the accounts as they existed at the time the transaction was closed. For example, if the Manage GL Setup Table has 1100 set for Accounts Receivable account in the Manage GL Setup Table to 1200, the Invoice will STILL use the old status. Open the invoice,  save the change, then set it back to a "Closed" status, and save again. This will effectively "reset" the GL accounts against which the invoice is set.

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