I've update my Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Online and now I'm receiving warnings.



We often receive support requests when clients update their Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Online. After changing your chart of accounts, The next step is to update your GL Accounts Setup Tables in ConnectWise PSA. 



Plan your GL Account setup prior to making any adjustments.

  1. Export your GL Account Setup Table from ConnectWise. 
    1. Navigate to System > Setup Tables > GL Account > Click Export
    2. ConnectWise will download the CSV File.
    3. It should look something like this:
  2. Update the Account Number, COGS, and Inventory Columns
    1. We recommend using account numbers to map your Chart of Accounts
      1. GL Account Mapping - Best Practice
      2. Pro Tip: Export your new Chart of Accounts from QuickBook Online
        1. Click the Gear Icon > Chart of Accounts > Run Reports > Export to CSV
        2. Column A "Full Name" Should be copied as is. This will assist especially if you are mapping to SubAccounts. If you are mapping by Account number, Just the Account number will need to be entered.
  3. Once the Accounts are planned, It's time to update your ConnectWise Configurations
    1. Follow our GL Account Mapping knowledge base article to map your new accounts

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